CATALOG SALES With this brand new module that works integrated with OTSPlatform, you can sell without having any products in the store

With our Stockless Sales module, millions of consumers who are not internet users, who do not use / use credit cards, do not have e-shopping habits, and who do not find e-shopping safe, are delivered from chain stores.

Enlarging store spaces and putting new products on shelves is a difficult and costly process. With OTSPlatform, you can deliver your desired product to your customers without extra investment and stock and team costs.

Benefits of Catalog Sales:

Ability to sell large volumes and / or large-sized products in a small square meter

Our campaign is limited to stocks. Taking a significant step in the name of digital transformation, taking over the leadership of innovation in the retail sector

Product range in non-food categories and expansion of the variety offered to the customer

Zero inventory and operating costs

Catalog Sales Flow

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